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An Affiliate of OATUG

Board of Directors

You’ve probably heard, “Many hands make for light work” – whoever said that would have been a great volunteer for this group, as that’s our philosophy.  Here you’ll find a list of current volunteers and the description of the roles they help with.  Each volunteer would welcome your stepping up to help out if you’d care to participate as well, so feel free to reach out and contribute!  

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Board of Directors

Jon Riley


  • Oversees general operation of the OVOAUG. 
  • Facilitates Board meetings to conduct OVOAUG business. 
  • Facilitates business meeting and event agenda conferences. 
  • Represents geographic/regional interests at national or international OAUG events.  
  • Reviews and approves requests for reimbursement from OVOAUG accounts.

Matt Hauser (temporary due to vacancy)

Vendor Coordinator

Hildy McNulty


Carole Landgrebe

Communications Coordinator

Matt Hauser

E-Business Suite Speaker Coordinator

Victor Turnerictor Turner

Hyperion Speaker Coordinator

Diana Wainscott

Facilities Coordinator